Lavarinth (Work in Progress)

So I've been learning Flash programming (Actionscript lately) thanks to Foundation Game Design with Flash, recommended lecture!

I still have a ways to go, but I've decided to try and patch something up. Maybe upload it to Kongregate. Thy name is Lavarinth!

Here it is!

So it's basically a maze-solving game, with two twistes:
  • Mazes will be randomly generated every time
  • Lava will slowly flood the maze.
The mazes will also change the size.

I've tried to go for the retro approach, from the graphics to the delivery of the game. Case in point:
  • The graphics are low-res (88x64 I think), simulated.
  • The colors are the ones you'd find in a 3-bit graphics card.
  • The intro is just the title screen loading, then 5 seconds afterwards a few lines of text will roll the credits and the intro text.
  • Only buttons you'll use are arrow keys / WASD and P to pause (like an atari 2600 controller)
  • The sounds will also be low-definition (although I'm not sure how to do that yet).
 This is all simulation for the sake of old-school style, though, and I still have all the tools of Adobe Flash to make this work.

However this is an outdated version as I'm trying to improve the game.

The main problem I have now is that Flash goes too fast for its own good. While I try to load the maze, it's already trying to draw it on screen, so I get to a Null exception. Since I haven't read much more about flash programming I don't know how to handle this issue - namely, how to make the program wait for the maze to initialize.

So you see it's okay to make mistakes or not knowing about stuff, so long as you keep searching. I myself will keep reading the book and its sequel and search on the internet. Any information you can give me will be awesome though.

Until I figure stuff out, rock on!


P.S.: Some easter egg sketches of what I used to make the intro art (yes, just like that!):

Shut up, they're sketches, they're SUPPOSED to be sketchy.

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